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  • Please uninstall your current Windows Shockwave player before installing this beta
    • Quit all open browsers open the Add/Remove Programs control panel Select the Shockwave line in the list Click the "Change/Remove" button to launch the uninstaller Leave the "Automatic" method selected Click the "Next >" button Click the "Finish" button
    • You might have to restart the machine, if you didn't quit browser in the first step.
  • The Windows and the Mac (OSX, and Classic) installers are "Slim" Installer which will only install a small number of Xtras. When playing Shockwave content, appropriate Xtras will get downloaded and used .
  • Installer components are still being finalized.
  • This release contains various bug fixes, notably a known crash bug with Shockwave 3D on international version of Windows XP sp1.

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