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Beyond Compare 3.2.4

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# Data Compare
- "Select All" and "Insert" are now available in line details but affect main display.
- Fixed copying to the clipboard including gaps as blank lines.
- "Paste" is now available even if no rows are visible.
- "Edit" is no longer enabled if no rows are visible.

# File Formats
- File Formats not supported by platform are now automatically deleted to prevent invalid imports.
- Added limited support for embedded equations in .docx files.
- Fixed extremely slow loads and dropped characters when converting .doc files to text (broken in 3.2).
- Fixed "MS Excel Workbooks" data format error when using older MS Office releases.

# Folder Compare
- Fixed crash if Explorer menu is opened with no files selected.
- Fixed treeview drawing past the last item to use the background color setting.
- Fixed file operation "Hidden Items" dialog so it shows filtered/empty folders.

# Folder Sync
- Added "Follow Symbolic Links" option on Windows.
- Fixed display of sync presets when loading sessions created in 3.1 and earlier.
- Fixed crashes when using "Swap Sides" with orphans.

- Added timezone auto-detection for FTP servers that don't support "SITE ZONE".
- Fixed truncated transfers from vsFTPd servers using SSL.
- Fixed hang if the cache folder is deleted while BC is running.

# Home View
- Fixed pressing [Enter] in multi-line edits opening the session instead of inserting a line.
- Fixed dropping files onto the folder compare/sync buttons.

# Linux
- Reworked auto-update code to use pkexec/gksudo/kdesu/etc instead of an xterm prompt. Fixes auto-updating on Ubuntu.
- Fixed error installing gpg-key when upgrading on RPM-based distros.
- Fixed installing on OpenSUSE not registering Scooter Software's repository.

# Misc
- Fixed "Open With" handling of %f2 parameter.
- View tab can now be dropped beyond right-most one.
- "Copy/Move to Other Side" now shows shortcut of represented command unless it has its own.
- Made expired trial grace period more obnoxious.

# Options
- List views now scroll the current item into view when appropriate.

# Picture Compare
- Fixed crash when dragging to change offsets.
- Fixed corrupt display of JPEG files.

# Registry Compare
- Errors parsing .reg files will now show the content loaded before the error.
- Fixed loading .reg files that include key names containing the "]"character.
- "Open Registry" dialog now shows all local keys if remote name is really local and selects the "Local" radio button if a local key is picked.

# Reports
- Default text color is now black on white instead of following Windows theme.
- Fixed text patch reports showing positive UTC offsets as +-0100 instead of +0100.

# Scripting
- Fixed trying to load an unsupported session type from a script so it gives the correct error message (broken in 3.2.0).

# Sessions
- Fixed "Session Save As" shortcuts for deleting and adding to treeview.

# Source Control
- Fixed crash when using ClearCase source control integration.

# Text Views
- Added support for editing and selection in "Aligned Details".
- "Aligned Details" now uses difference coloring for gaps.

# Version Compare
- Fixed handling of malformed version information.

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