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BitComet 0.51

13,386 Загрузка

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BitComet 0.51  Изменения регистрации

  • GUI Improved: tray icon display balloon norification when task finished
  • GUI Bugfix: wrong displace position for task specific upload limits.(Thanks charlesyc)
  • GUI Bugfix: crash when click OpenDir or Properities for empty task.(Thanks xChiNa)
  • GUI Bugfix: disk driver free space may be wrong at first. (Thanks spcat2000, happyfa97)
  • Core Improved: able to change torrent encoding code page when adding task
  • Core Improved: task queue senquence is the same as displayed, top task first
  • Core Bugfix: fixed no responce when too many files in one torrent(e.g. >1000 files) in v0.50
  • Core Bugfix: should not scan when seeding (Thanks Windforce)
  • Core Bugfix: when seeding, should not open file for writing (Thanks coolsnowwolf)
  • Core Bugfix: forget to save peers info when task is stopped
  • Core Bugfix: start task more than once cause problems (Thanks windy)

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