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BitTorrent 4.1.3

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BitTorrent 4.1.3  Изменения регистрации

Changes in this release:
  • Many improvements to the trackerless torrent code
  • Multi rate limiter backend (not connected to the UI yet)
  • OSX client merged into the mainline client codebase
  • Improved btmaketorrent GUI
  • Modified some strings to make translation easier and added many new translations
  • Remove fastresume data as well as metainfo when a torrent is removed
  • Fixing bug when opening directory on OS without desktop manager
  • Not saving pause/play state across invocations of the GUI
  • CTRL+Click on cancel torrent button removes torrent without asking
  • Adding support for opening urls (on the command line) and deprecating --responsefile and --url in favor of autodetection
  • Temporary hack around controlsocket issues should prevent Could not send command: (10061, 'Connection refused') bug

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