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dBpowerAMP Music Converter 12.2

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Reading / Writing (reference only) of wave BEXT ID Tags, bext tags are: Description, Originator, OrigReference, OrigDate, OrigTime, TimeReference, CodingHistory
Vista: Popup info lines up better aligned
Tag Editor (shell right click): Standard items are listed first, others alphabetically sorted, when adding new tag is a drop list of standard names
Tag Editor: helper drop lists for year, track number + genre (remembers unique genres, saved in appdata)
Popup info shows track number as "Track" in line with rest of programs
Switched Lame to NASM encoding, slightly slower, but more crash resistant (tried on > 1GB of audio)
.mpeg added to decodable file types
If encoding only one file, then multi cpu section is not created (so is not tied to a single cpu)
CD Ripper title bar shows album name when ripping
CD Ripper submission of meta data back to freedb and AMG

Bug Fixes

Corrupt id3v2 tags could crash tag writer, will now break without overwriting corrupt id tag
Corrupt wave list id tag would stop the wave file from being decoded, now tag error is reported as info so wave file can decode
Corrupt wave list id tag can be read if they have unofficial end padding in the list chunk
Folders can contain a space ' ' as first character
Filenames ending in .. are preserved
CD Ripper would show amg expired message even if unchecked (and had expired)
When auto completing a valuelist combo box, the auto complete was being removed
mp3 (Lame) might not encode the last frame depending on feeding data
When encoding using non live dsp effects, the action is shown in music converter
Can encode to certain wave ACM formats which would previously fail
All codecs - sample rate of high frequency audio files might be read wrong
When using DSP effects (both live and non-live, and 32 bit float + high sample rate) the effects could introduce white noise every 1/4 of a second
CoreConverter if overwriting an already existing filename of maximum allowed length (260 chars) then .tmp.ext temp file would go over the allowed 260 char length
Music Converter, if existing audio file had a 3 char extension (ie .ape), and converted to .flac, was possible for flac file to have more than the allowed 260 chars length
Further fixes to make sure dMC + CD Ripper + Batch Converter appear on screen, even after resolution changes

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