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Digsby Beta (build 34)

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Digsby Beta (build 34)  Изменения регистрации

Major Changes

Added support for the new Windows Live Mail that some users have been switched over to
Fixed a bug that caused social network accounts to disappear for a small portion of users
Fixed a bug that caused MSN to disconnect and not know about it so the buddy list was still populated and it did not reconnect
Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to get stuck on “Connecting” for a small portion of users. If you are experiencing this you do need to reinstall using the latest installer on our website

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused no “IM” button to appear for mobile MSN buddies
Fixed a bug in MSN related to display name encoding


Like other social networks, sounds are off by default when you add a new LinkedIn account
Several more speed enhancements
Default setting for Yahoo privacy is now to allow messages from those not on your buddy list

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