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DivX 6.6.1

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  • Experimental search dropdown box is now enabled for CPUs with SSE2
  • Note: It is not possible to compare this search method with the normal operation of DivX Codec 6.6 or prior. The experimental search does additional work and therefore is naturally slower. We’re enabling it so that comparisons between the Penryn using SSE4 and older processors using the equivalent SSE2 routine are possible.
    • The VFW decoder did not render frames for certain bitstreams when post-processing was disabled
    • Fixed decoding b-frames for clips with data partitioning
    • Fixed a small motion compensation error in b-frames when using quarter pixel estimation
    • Fixed a VLD issue that could cause blocks to appear in the decoded picture
    • Fixed bitrate resetting to default when changing from Fast 1st pass to Nth pass rate-control mode
    • Changed default VBV initial occupancy to 100%
    • Workaround for later versions of VirtualDub and derivatives where additional frames were being written to the multipass log file in Fast 1st pass mode
    • Fixed handling of forced aspect ratio in DirectShow decoder

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