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FastStone Capture 7.0

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FastStone Capture 7.0  Изменения регистрации

  • Improved the "Draw" tool:
    • Now it is possible to draw same kind of objects continuously without having to select the drawing tool again and again
    • Ctrl+S shortcut to the OK button
    • Ctrl+MouseWheel to zoom in/out
    • Zoom up to 400% instead of 200%
  • Improved "Acquire Images from Scanner"
  • Combined color adjustment tools into one comprehensive tool: "Adjust Colors"
  • Added more effects: ReflectionOil Painting and Sketch
  • Added "Recent Files" list for quick access to recently used files
  • Added some shortcuts to the editor:
    • Press Z key to zoom selection
    • Press W key to open containing folder if the file exists
    • Press I key to view file properties if the file exists
  • Added more options to the "Editor" section of the Settings
  • Added more options to the "Screen Magnifier" section of the Settings
  • Added "Rotate by Any Degree"
  • Supports custom colors in all color picking dialogs
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

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