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ICQ 7.6.5617

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ICQ 7.6.5617  Изменения регистрации

  • ICQ offers the complete social experience! Now, you can add your Google+ and GTalk Friends to your contact list, log in, and chat with them directly from your ICQ.
  • ICQ 7.6 offers a transformation in the way you share information with your friends! With detailed profile information, which enables you to make new friends, see their shared pictures, and express yourself in various fun ways!
  • ICQ 7.6 offers an improved Audio and Video chat service, to help you stay in touch with friends. Voice, Video, SMS or instant messaging – all these communication options are now available on your ICQ. Now you can call friends directly from ICQ or chat with them via live video chat to make sure you don't miss anything – try it out now!
  • All your familiar emoticons and tZers - now with the comfort of the new ICQ galleries. The new ICQ animation galleries offer you all the emoticons and tZers along with the option to see what is the shortcut for them. All the emoticons are available with a click of a button – so you can brighten up your chats with some smiles and an animation!
  • Get quick and easy access to your messaging history and see your past correspondence with every one of your ICQ contacts.
  • Add your Facebook Friends to your contact list and chat with them directly from your ICQ.
  • Get email alerts from your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and accounts to your ICQ and manage your mailbox directly from the ICQ client.
  • Customize your ICQ with your favorite skins, sounds and colors!

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