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IrfanView 3.07

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  • Support for Apple QuickTime 3 and 4 (activate in Properties->Others 2)
    • Support for QTIF, Mac PICT, FLI/FLC, FPX, SWF, MP3 formats
  • Support for KDC format (Kodak Digital Camera format) as plugin:
  • Change: the Filter Factory part is now moved to a plugin:
  • Change: the LWF format is now moved to a plugin:
  • New thumbnail option: print selected thumbs as single pages
  • New slideshow option: Don't display same image again (if random slideshow)
  • New option in Properties->Extensions (read only associated types)
  • New option in Properties->Others 2: Enable/Disable MRUDs in File menu
  • New feature: count colors used (Menu: Image)
  • Improved contrast control
  • New feature: read/write TIFFs with ZIP compression
  • New option: show videos with desktop size (menu: options->video size)
  • New command line option: '/killmesoftly' (close all IrfanView instances)
  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

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