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KMPlayer Beta

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Updated on Build Version 1431
1. Fixed No response error when using the seek feature.
2. Reduced No response errors.
3. Improved file open feature when opening similar files.
4. Fixed Media library error (UAC) when closing KMP on Windows Vista.
5. Updated Mediainfo.dll (Version ).
6. Included New KMPlayer skin (NewKMPSkin(beta).ksf).
7. Setup wizard and installation program added.
8. Updated multi-language pack.
9. EXE file is not compressed.
10. Updated EULA policy.
11. Updated default KMPlayer icon and connected programs.
12. Fixed remaining icons on the start menu after uninstallation on Windows Vista.
13. Now uninstallation fully deletes all remained files.
14. When installed in English, the shortcut will lead to the English forum of the official KMP site.

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