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Media Player Classic

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- two pass bicubic shader, bilinear more optimized
- dropped subtitles are loaded instead of opening them
as a media file
- thumbnail image generator
- dsm demuxer can output individual streams into
files (context menu -> demux...), the raw data is
corrected if possible, like subtitles are output
to srt/ssa/vobsub, frame header added to aac, wave
header to pcm, etc.
- better support for quicktime files by the mp4
splitter, more track types are recognized and also
reads zlib compressed headers
- dvd navigator's software dvd region check is disabled
using the detours lib, there is still a hw region
check built in the firmware of the drives, unless it
was flushed with a region free firmware it will still
not work and may cause strange problems like freezing
the player
- the mpeg ts splitter can repack h264 streams in
"mp4 style" packets for decoders so they won't crash
(ffdshow, coreavc)
- "next aspect ratio preset" command
- yv12/i420 is no longer a disallowed format when
using "vmr9 (renderless)" as the renderer, holding
the ctrl key when loading a file will still disable
it, the current display drivers should not have that
color conversion bug anymore but just in case...
- vmr9 (renderless) mixer mode available, it allows
deinterlacing and other vmr9 features, off by default
because it is slightly slower
- Haali's video renderer can be directly selected in
the options (subtitling works, shaders don't)
- mpeg decoder sse2 optimizations (most noticable at
hdtv resolution), optional interlaced output, new
"field shifter" deinterlacing mode
- nero's "vobsub" inside mp4 supported
- clicking another window on a different monitor while
mpc is playing in fullscreen will not restore it to
normal size anymore, if another application grabs the
focus, its name and window title will be displayed on
the status bar of mpc
- graph builder of the filter graph manager was rewritten
(again), let's hope nothing is more broken than it was :)
- new built-in async reader for udf sources, currently
only works with the internal mpeg splitter because
others aren't prepared for constantly growing files,
use the following syntax as the file name:
where "multicastgroupip" is optional and "mediasubtypeguid"
can be used to specify the subtype of the stream, for
example udp://:1234/{e06d8023-db46-11cf-b4d1-00805f6cbbea}
means transport stream, it will also work fine without
the subtype, just selecting the right splitter will take
a little longer
- the checked state of the "enable subtitles" menu item
is preserved, this means you can disable subtitling with
the vmrs now without having to turn it off for each newly
opened file
- floating toolbars are saved, next time mpc opens they
will appear floated and at the same position on the desktop
- normalizer/booster was moved to the audio switcher, to
avoid high spikes lowering the volume too much the
normalizer regains 5% per second now
- "quick open file" menu (similar to vlc's)
- options/filters section was redone a bit, the internal
filters have their own property pages, mpc won't be
controlling them directly anymore
- there is a changelog this time! :)

other fixes:
- random crash when seeking files with mp3 audio streams
and using the internal decoder
- compatibility with the oggds/vorbis decoder restored
(it is a bug in the ogm vorbis decoder btw)
- blank checklist elements in options (external filters
now, overrides before)
- run-time error when loading files with certain unicode
characters in the filename
- unicode id3 tags, byte order of le/be utf-16 tags was
mixed up
- repeated languages loading vobsub subtitles
- dvd angle switching (angle number was off by 1 for many
years lol ;)
- long delay when doing "seek to keyframe" with the avi
- fading dvd subpics (~ multiple entries in DCSQT)

bad news:
- resource ids were cleaned up and renumbered, the old
command assignments are lost, sorry.

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