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mIRC 3.51

14,280 Загрузка

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mIRC 3.51  Изменения регистрации

  • Fixed garbage character output bug.
  • mIRC16 wasn\'t recognizing version reply from Win95.
  • Making mIRC active with a click wasn\'t setting the focus to the active
  • window correctly.
  • Fixed security bug in the fileserver.
  • Fixed $day bug.
  • Removes unused bold/italic/etc. characters from lines.
  • Fixed ON MODE bug with +/-k.
  • Fixed GPF bug in on mode/servermode.
  • Fixed Reset bug, wasn\'t resizing small windows properly.
  • mIRC wasn\'t outputting to the status window if it was starting out maximized.
  • The /auser, /guser, /ruser, /enable, and /disable commands now do NOT save changes immediately to the INI file when they are used. Remote information is now saved either on exiting mIRC, or if the remote dialog is opened/closed.
  • Now uses the ctl3d dialogs as default. The -d is ignored, but you can now use -n to disable the 3d dialogs.
  • Complete dialog interface improvements (for mook ;)
  • Commands using $* were not processing commands following them.
  • Fixed socket() initialization bug in various routines.
  • Improved how mIRC uses/gets your local hostname and ip address.
  • Fixed fileserver dirinfo.srv bug.

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