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Miro Beta

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1. Folder watching (what I just wrote about above).
2. Resume playback. If you\\\'re watching a 15 minute video and stop halfway, we ll remember where you were when next time you watch it. There s a preference setting to turn this on and off.
3. Auto-updating for Mac users. This should be the last time that Mac users will need to go to their browser to download a new version. From now on, when a new version is released youll be able to install it within the app and relaunch (we re now using Sparkle). Windows users don t have auto-update yet, but well be able to give you details about what s new in each release from within the app (right now it just tells you that there s a new version, with no details).
4. Minimize to tray on windows- when you click the red x in the upper right, the application will hang out in the system tray. A much requested feature.
5. Windows Vista compatibility. This solves playback issues for some Vista users.
6. Resizing of thumbnails. We now resize and cache thumbnails so that the images displayed are smoother. This also makes switching between channels much faster.
7. More thorough proxy support.
8. Ability to play audio files on mac (previously we sent you out to an external player).
9. Many more keyboard shortcuts on Windows. This will make remote control support easy. Full keyboard shortcuts for Mac are coming soon with the first version of Miro.
10. Bug fixes, memory use reduction, memory leak fixes. Updated Perian on OSX to version 1.0b5.

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