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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.2

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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.2  Изменения регистрации

  • Smaller and Faster: The Windows Installer is now only a 5.9MB download. Significant performance improvements on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X!
  • New Themes and Extension Manager: Provides a convenient and secure way to manage and update the many add-ons that set Thunderbird apart from other e-mail clients.
  • Crash Analysis Tools (Talkback): Help us help you! Integration with Mozilla Talkback allows users to submit crash reports which makes it easier to find Thunderbird top crashes.
  • Other New Features...
  • New user interface for viewing vCards.
  • New Profile Manager which also supports running from a USB device.
  • Color quoting for quoted message parts.
  • Thunderbird now supports a user interface for creating multiple identities per e-mail account. This makes it easy to have several e-mail addresses which end up going into the same account.

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