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phpBB 3.0.4

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phpBB 3.0.4  Изменения регистрации

  • [Fix] Allow mixed-case template directories to be inherited (Bug #36725)
  • [Fix] Regression bug from revision #8908 regarding log display in ACP
  • [Fix] Allow the UCP group management to work for groups with avatars. (Bug #37375)
  • [Fix] Fix header list build for replying oldest PM in PM history (Bug #37275)
  • [Fix] Do not display COPPA group in memberlist find member dialog if COPPA disabled (Bug #37175)
  • [Fix] Do not try to send jabber notifications if no jid entered (Bug #36775)
  • [Fix] Only display special ranks to guests; no longer display normal ranks for guests (Bug #36735)
  • [Fix] Properly treat punctuation marks after local urls (Bug #37055)
  • [Fix] Make searching for members by YIM address work in prosilver
  • [Fix] Tell users to recreate the search index after changing the common word threshold for fulltext_native (Bug #36345)
  • [Fix] Adjusted phpbb_chmod() to always set permissions for group bit.
  • [Fix] Do not increment users post count after post approval if post had been posted in a forum with no post count increasing set (Bug #37865)
  • [Fix] Extend vertical line for last post column if no posts in forum (Bug #37125)
  • [Fix] correctly update last topic/forum information if changing guest usernames through editing posts (Bug #38095)
  • [Fix] fix postcount resync for situations where low and high post ids are higher than step value, resulting in users having 0 posts. (Bug #38195)
  • [Fix] Use a left join for the topics table on search to avoid trouble with FROM syntax on some databases (Bug #37005)
  • [Fix] Do not show 'Forward' button if the user cannot send PM's
  • [Change] Alllow applications to set custom module inclusion path (idea by HoL)
  • [Change] Handle checking for duplicate usernames in chunks (Bug #17285 - Patch by A_Jelly_Doughnut)
  • [Change] Better handling and finer control for custom profile fields visibility options. (Patch by Highway of Life)
  • [Change] Performance increase for format_date() (Bug #37575 - Patch by BartVB)
  • [Change] Changed prosilver date separator from 'on' to '»'
  • [Change] Performance increase for get_username_string() (Bug #37545 - Patch by BartVB)
  • [Change] Slight performance increase for common parameter calls to append_sid() (Bug #37555 - Patch by BartVB)
  • [Feature] Added 'AGO' setting to relative date strings. For example: posted 14 minutes ago. (Patch by BartVB)
  • [Sec] Fixed an issue where deactivated accounts could be re-activated without the required privileges. (Reported by Jorick)
  • [Sec] Ask for forum password if post within passworded forum quoted in private message. (Reported by nickvergessen)

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