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PhpMyAdmin 3.3.5

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  • Patch #2932113 [information_schema] Slow export when having lots of databases, thanks to Stéphane Pontier - shadow_walker
  • Bug #3022705 [import] Import button does not work in Catalan when there is no progress bar possible
  • Bug [replication] Do not offer information_schema in the list of databases
  • Bug [js] Avoid loading twice a js file
  • Bug #3024344 [setup] Setup forces numeric memorylimit
  • Bug #3025975 [auth] Odd logincookievalidity default value
  • Bug #3026400 [PHP] ereg functions are deprecated
  • Bug #3027557 [PHP] split() deprecated in PHP 5.3 (backport fixes from master)
  • Bug #3023507 [core] No result set display from stored procedure SELECT
  • Bug [export] CSV for MS Excel (Windows) should have semi-colon as separator
  • [core] Update library phpexcel to version 1.7.3c
  • Bug #2994885, bug #3029168 [import] Convert Excel column name correctly
  • Bug [scripts] mysql 5.5.5 does not accept TIMESTAMP(14) in create_tables.sql

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