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SeaMonkey 2.8 (Beta 1)

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SeaMonkey 2.8 (Beta 1)  Изменения регистрации

SeaMonkey-specific changes

  • Support for migrating from old profiles (before SeaMonkey 2.0) has been dropped (bug 689437).

Mozilla platform changes

  • New Add-ons Sync engine (install the Add-ons Sync Prefs add-on to enable it in Preferences).
  • The CSS text-size-adjust property is now supported.
  • The outerHTML property is now supported on HTML elements.
  • View source syntax highlighting now uses the HTML5 parser (see bug 482921).
  • SPDY protocol support for faster page loads is now testable.
  • XMLHttpRequest now supports HTML parsing.
  • Files can now be stored in IndexedDB (see bug 661877).
  • Websockets has now been unprefixed.
  • Redesigned media controls for HTML5 video.
  • Fixed several stability issues.

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