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Skype  Изменения регистрации

  • Updated translations
  • Updated installer translations
  • Feature: Added Send SMS button into toolbar
  • change: Notification popup should disappear when not accepting call
  • change: Updated language files: bg, cs, cz, en, et , ko, nl, pp, ro, sv
  • change: Updated ru, pp, fi and fr installer files
  • change: Updated ru and da language files
  • bugfix: Public API: OPEN CHAT did not work
  • bugfix: Skype crashed when clicked several times on hang up button
  • bugfix: In some case Video was shown in conference call
  • bugfix: SET AVATAR changes default My Skype Pictures path
  • bugfix: Installing Personalise Skype avatar or Wee-Mee changes default My Skype Pictures path
  • bugfix: Call button in File Transfer and Profile window does not change to Hang up during a call
  • bugfix: End conference confirmation shown to participant
  • bugfix: Searching user animation goes too far right
  • bugfix: Error in Test webcam
  • bugfix: Country list in Search Contact is not localised
  • bugfix: Participant shows one member of conference in ringing mode
  • bugfix: Installer - if install process was cancelled temporary folder was not cleaned up
  • bugfix: Installer should not prompt for download new version anymore
  • bugfix: Partner tab: right click and hide was not preserved over startup
  • bugfix: Add one video call contact to another concurrent video call will cause unexpected Skype down
  • bugfix: Video: Skype crashed when clicked several times hang up button + Control has no parent window
  • bugfix: SC: Maximized send contacts window dialog overlap

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