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Spyware Terminator

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Spyware Terminator  Изменения регистрации

* Improved localy database
* Improved HIPS database building
* Improved hidden libraries boot removal process
* Improved design
-Fixed bug - running ST in safe mode
-Fixed bug - memory leak of database
-Fixed bug - opening offline help problem
-Fixed bug - remove file utility
-Fixed bug - manual database update
-Fixed bug - user save and ignored items in scan report
-Fixed bug - opening problem on Windows 2000 SP4
-Fixed bug - delete old database and new HIPS build in ST2.1 update
-Fixed bug - driver update restart bug
-Fixed bug - bad window color when update is needed
-Fixed bug - analyze file utility
-Fixed bug - sp_rsser.exe sudden jumps in CPU
-Fixed bug - application and database patching
-Fixed bug - RTS md5 detection
-Fixed bug - threats/safe items detection

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