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TortoiseSVN 1.7.8

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- BUG: "Show changes as unified diff" from Log window fails.
- BUG: crash in repobrowser when refreshing.
- BUG: Crash in log dialog when selecting all revisions with Ctrl-A.
- BUG: segfault in status cache.
- BUG: buffer overflow when saving column data.
- BUG: diff from log for url fails.
- BUG: crash when editing files in repo browser.
- BUG: Repository browser does not check empty selections.
- BUG: closing merge wizard with log dialog open segfaults.
- BUG: file diff dialog can segfault.
- BUG: long paths handled incorrectly.
- BUG: Threads not correctly synchronized in repo browser.
- BUG: progress dlg can't be closed with the red X button.
- BUG: Command URLs with spaces parsed incorrectly.
- BUG: segfault when unloading the shell extension.
- BUG: TortoiseMerge asserts on start.
- BUG: Exception when checking for admin dirs.
- BUG: Access violation with "Show log" on copied entry.
- BUG: crash with invalid config file.
- BUG: crash when closing log dialog.
- BUG: stack overflow when unchecking items in the commit dialog.
- BUG: crash when closing the progress dialog too early.
- BUG: out of memory exception when opening large files in TortoiseMerge.
- BUG: cache crash on startup.
- BUG: too short checkbox and radio controls in high dpi mode.
- BUG: reverting files from log dialog fails.
- BUG: DC leaks cause crashes.
- BUG: Crash in progress dialog.
- BUG: crash diffing invalid icon files.
- BUG: long paths crash TortoiseBlame.
- BUG: crash closing merge wizard.
- CHG: Language packs downgrade.
- BUG: crash in status cache.
- BUG: overlay icons disappear after moving the .svn folder.
- BUG: Repro browser: Creating folder in just renamed folder with space in name fails.
- BUG: After reloading cursor and position dont match.
- BUG: newline symbols are shown incorrectly.
- BUG: tagging externals from log dialog not implemented.
- BUG: out of memory exception in commit dialog.
- BUG: Crash using blocks.
- BUG: merge log messages not generated for 'record only' merges.
- BUG: crash when adding/removing properties.
- CHG: make crash reporter optional during install.
- BUG: moved line detection can segfault.
- BUG: temp files created with wrong names.
- BUG: accessing invalid data in repobrowser.
- BUG: number of added files is wrong.
- BUG: Cleaning up unversioned/ignored items can fail without an error being shown.
- BUG: log dialog refresh does not refresh merged info.
- BUG: Right-clicking on files ceases to function in Commit dialog on occasion.
- BUG: Incorrect checkbox selection in Repo browser.
- BUG: file lock without owner crashes status cache.
- BUG: Access violation when reading the w/c state for the revision graph.
- BUG: Crash in log reporter when author information is empty.
- BUG: Exception when updating revprops in log cache.
- BUG: Don't crash in log cache when path info is not available.
- BUG: access violation if context creation fails.
- BUG: Crash when removing old log caches.
- BUG: Log cache not filled after REPLACE.
- BUG: double entries in log dialog after "next 100".
- BUG: Wrong/duplicate info in the explorer Subversion properties tab.
- BUG: Blame using the wrong pegrev.
- BUG: Crash when dragging files with long paths.

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