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Universal Extractor 1.5

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Universal Extractor 1.5  Изменения регистрации

- Added filetype signature scanning via TrID; no longer dependent on extensions
- Added support for Adobe Reader 7.x and 8.x installers
- Added support for Base64, Quoted-Printable, UUencoded, and yEnc files via uudeview
- Added support for Gentee, Installer VISE, and SetupFactory installers via cmdTotal + InstallExplorer
- Added support for InstallShield 3.x SFX installers via stix
- Added support for InstallShield 5.x CAB files via i5comp
- Added support for Itsy packages (.ipk)
- Added support for Outlook Express (DBX) archives via cmdTotal + DBX Plugin
- Added support for Pea archives
- Added support for SIS (SymbianOS) installers via cmdTotal + PDunSIS
- Added support for StuffIt packages (.sit, but not .sitx)
- Added support for Windows Installer patch (.msp) files via 7-zip and cmdTotal + MSI Plugin
- Added support for Zoo archives via booz
- Added support for files without an extension (eg, unknown files)
- Added /noappendext, /noremovedupe, /noremovetemp parameters to installer
- Added .dbx, .msp, .pea, and .sit file associations to installer
- Added Polish, Russian, and Slovak translations
- Fixed bug that prevented extraction of UPXed Zip and 7-Zip installers
- Fixed bug in Inno Setup installer detection
- Fixed potential file output bug in some installers, mainly InstallShield
- Fixed ACE SFX error handling to continue processing if extraction fails
- Fixed InstallShield cache mode handling to prevent hangs
- Removed 'i6comp by group' option for InstallShield cabs
- Removed expand.exe in favor of using 7-Zip for Microsoft Compressed files
- Removed .in_, .oc_, .sr_, .1, .bin, .imf, .lib, and .wz file associations from installer
- Updated UniExtract to scan signatures by default; extensions used as backup
- Updated UniExtract to display icon in system tray during extraction
- Updated UniExtract to select Cancel by default on PEiD and log prompts
- Updated UniExtract internationalization support to simplify translation
- Updated UniExtract with many code changes to increase robustness, simplicity, and efficiency wherever possible
- Updated support for Inno Setup, NSIS, Wise Installer, and InstallShield via cmdTotal + InstallExplorer
- Updated ACE support to include non-PE ACE SFX archives
- Updated BIN/CUE support with better conversion support and validation
- Updated InstallShield 3.x archives support by adding STIX extraction option
- Updated InstallShield CAB support to display progress dialog
- Updated InstallShield cache extraction to support multiple nested MSIs
- Updated InstallShield cache extraction to better detect installer window
- Updated InstallShield support to provide choice of isxunpack or cache mode
- Updated MHTML support to include option for extraction via cmdTotal + MHT Packer Plugin
- Updated Wise Installer support to include non-PE Wise installers
- Updated Wise Installer support to include unzip option
- Updated Wise Installer support to append missing file extensions
- Updated Wise Installer support to provide option for removing temporary files
- Updated Microsoft SFX CAB support for better detection and robustness
- Updated Windows Installer support to append missing file extensions
- Updated Windows Installer support to include option for extraction via cmdTotal + MSI Packer Plugin
- Updated AutoIt to
- Updated bin2iso to 1.95
- Updated Inno Setup to 5.1.9
- Updated UnRAR to 3.62

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