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VirtualBox 1.6.0

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This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:

  • Solaris and Mac OS X host support
  • Seamless windowing for Linux and Solaris guests
  • Guest Additions for Solaris
  • A webservice API
  • SATA hard disk (AHCI) controller
  • Experimental Physical Address Extension (PAE) support

In addition, the following items were ?xed and/or added:

  • GUI: added accessibility support (508)
  • GUI: VM session information dialog
  • VBoxHeadless: renamed from VBoxVRDP
  • VMM: reduced host CPU load of idle guests
  • VMM: many ?xes for VT-x/SVM hardware-supported virtualization
  • ATA/IDE: better disk geometry compatibility with VMware images
  • ATA/IDE: virtualize an AHCI controller
  • Storage: better write optimization, prevent images from growing unnecessarily.
  • Network: support PXE booting with NAT
  • Network: ?xed the Am79C973 PCNet emulation for Nexenta guests
  • NAT: improved builtin DHCP server (implemented DHCPNAK response)
  • NAT: port forwarding stopped when restoring the VM from a saved state
  • NAT: make subnet con?gurable
  • XPCOM: moved to libxml2
  • XPCOM: ?xed VBoxSVC autostart race
  • Audio: SoundBlaster 16 emulation
  • USB: ?xed problems with USB 2.0 devices
  • Mac OS X: ?xed seamless mode
  • Mac OS X: better desktop integration, several look’n’feel ?xes
  • Mac OS X: switched to Quartz2D framebuffer
  • Mac OS X: added support for shared folders
  • Mac OS X: added support for clipboard integration
  • Solaris: added host audio playback support (experimental)
  • Solaris: made it possible to run VirtualBox from non-global zones
  • Shared Folders: made them work for NT4 guests
  • Shared Folders: many bug?xes to improve stability
  • Seamless windows: added support for Linux guests
  • Linux installer: support DKMS for compiling the kernel module
  • Linux host: compatibility ?xes with Linux 2.6.25
  • Windows host: support for USB devices has been signi?cantly improved; many additional USB devices now work
  • Windows Additions: automatically install AMD PCNet drivers on Vista guests
  • Linux additions: several ?xes, experimental support for RandR 1.2
  • Linux additions: compatibility ?xes with Linux 2.6.25

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