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WinSCP 3.6.6

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WinSCP 3.6.6  Изменения регистрации

  • Symbolic links on remote tree has “arrow” icon overlay.
  • Only session properties whose values are different from factory defaults are stored. It dramatically decreases space occupied by stored sessions in windows registry and/or INI file.
  • Remote directory whose parent directory was never visited can be dragged from remote tree now.
  • Warning about possible lack of space in temporary directory when using temporary directory download mode now shows total transfer size even if dragging directories.
  • When uploading new directory with SFTP, WinSCP does not look for partial upload files, which may slightly decrease upload time.
  • It is not possible anymore to duplicate file from local panel using drag&drop.
  • Bug fix: Keepalive interval could be set to 60 seconds only instead of intended 60 minutes.
  • Bug fix: Keepalive interval was not imported correctly from PuTTY sessions.
  • Bug fix: When using INI file as configuration storage, persistent directory changes cache was not loaded correctly.
  • Bug fix: Pressing “X” button on message boxes had unpredictable results. Now it has the same effect as pressing Esc key.
  • Bug fix: Change to file size due to text mode transfer was not reflected on transfer progress indicator.
  • Bug fix: Parent directory of directory dragged from remote tree was needlessly reloaded.
  • Bug fix: Several drag&drop fixes.

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