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AOL Instant Messenger Beta  Изменения регистрации

* Choose the AIM installation that's right for you. We made some changes to our installation process -- you'll get our "Recommended" package by default, or you can choose to customize what's included. No matter which you choose, you'll still get the option to add on AIM Tunes and QQ Games plugins. With "Recommended," you automatically get the following:
o AIM Toolbar: Check your mail, set your status from your browser, broadcast cool Web sites to your buddies using AIM Share and more.
o as your home page: Stay up to date with the latest news with We'll set your default browser, whether it's Internet Explorer or Firefox.
o AOL Search, enhanced by Google, as your default search engine: AOL Search delivers great search and multimedia results all delivered on one page -- so you can search less and discover more.
* Speaking of search, check out the new "Hot Searches" module at the bottom of your Buddy List(r) window. It gives you one-click access to the top searches so you are always on top of what's hot.
* We made some small changes to the much-loved Buddy Info window. The IM and "add buddies" functions were moved from the bottom to the top of the window to increase your viewing area. Don't forget, in AIM 6.5 we added the ability to add pictures from the Web to your Buddy Info. Just right-click, or click the picture on the format bar in "edit" mode.

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