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AOL Instant Messenger

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AOL Instant Messenger  Изменения регистрации

Here's what's in the newest release:

Chat with Google Talk/Gmail users from AIM

Link up your Gmail account and communicate with your contacts from Google. How awesome is that?

A redesign that streamlines the app look and feel

Bringing you the experience you asked for, we've made some exciting, key design changes, including:

  • Modified design to look just like other Windows apps
  • Streamlined your IM conversations by moving your icons to the conversation window
  • Removed the "Me" tab and moved your notifications to the "Lifestream" tab
  • Unified all the controls you under the new "Options" menu (you can even access it with ALT+O for additional ease)
  • Added new state icons to make it easier to identify who is online to chat
  • Added four new themes

And more... check it out for yourself!

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