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Avant Browser 2012 Build 169

1,688 Загрузка

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Avant Browser 2012 Build 169  Изменения регистрации

  • [Add]Chrome rendering engine(18.0.1025.151)
  • [Add]The option to open links with other rendering engines added to the context menu of Bookmarks,Autofill,History etc
  • [Add]APC option under AB options>Proxy server
  • [Add] Version number of each engine on Help>About Avant browser
  • [Add] Option:Only show favicons on bookmarks bar
  • [Add] Mouse gesture:Move to top/bottom
  • [Improve]Improved the performance of chrome engine
  • [Improve]Downloader:Move "Open the file when complete" option out of "Advanced "
  • [Change]RSS reader won't be started without adding the prefix "feed"
  • [Fix]Special characters miscoded in RSS Reader
  • [Fix]Avant Downloader didn't start the download
  • [Fix]In certain condition the default rendering engine returned to the default setting
  • [Fix]Drop down list of address bar disappeared while page was loading
  • [Fix]XP: One more about:blank page created when launching browser quickly
  • [Fix]Cannot remember the size of window in the second monitor
  • [Fix]Runextra cannot open the last saved tabs
  • [Fix]Favicons don't show up in online storage
  • [Fix]Some pop up windows go beyond Avant window
  • [Fix]Double-clicking cannot refresh page after the page crash
  • [Fix][Gecko] Zoom size problem
  • [Fix][Webkit] The order of popup pages in some website
  • [Fix][Webkit] Gmail has no response
  • [Fix][Webkit]Avant stolen focus from other app when load/refresh a video
  • [Fix][Webkit] The color of visted links doesn't disappear after exiting Avant with clear all records option checked
  • [Fix][Webkit] Some buttons on the floating toolbar of PDF file don't work
  • [Fix][Trident] Text box doesn't appear in some website
  • [Improve]Other minor improvements

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