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Avant Browser 2013 Build 22

124 Загрузка

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Avant Browser 2013 Build 22  Изменения регистрации

  • [Fix]Failed to download a certain file
  • [Fix]Avant got the focus when pages finish loading
  • [Fix]drag and drop link to tab bar problem
  • [Fix]bookmarks disappeared under new interface
  • [Fix]couldn't use thunder download in content menu under IE engine
  • [Fix]blank bar on the bottom in win8
  • [Fix]link stayed on desktop
  • [Fix]google map problem
  • [Fix]alt+S problem
  • [Fix]ctrl+click didn't work under IE engine
  • [Fix]tabs opened from group were in disorder
  • [Fix]middle mouse button opened links in current page sometimes
  • [Fix]taskbar was covered by Avant bottom or Avant bottom hided behind taskar sometimes
  • [Fix]couldn't keep the position of toolbars under new interface
  • [Fix]login problem on certain website
  • [Fix]didn't show padlock and green backgroud on address bar when opening https sites under firefox engine

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