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Feed Demon Beta

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Feed Demon Beta  Изменения регистрации

* Added: Page navigation controls added to status bar below browser (required moving some controls from the toolbar above browser)
* Added: Inline search (similar to Firefox's) added to status bar

* Changed: Shortcut for "Search Subscriptions" changed from F3 to Ctrl+F3
* Changed: Options sidebar in Surfer style replaced with icons and links in the newspaper header
* Changed: "[More]" links use a different color to make them stand out
* Changed: Search results now use same inline expansion as Surfer
* Changed: FeedDemon no longer syncs immediately after marking a folder as read

* Fixed: Watch and search keywords aren't highlighted after expanding/collapsing an excerpt
* Fixed: Dinosaur report doesn't remove feed after unsubscribing
* Fixed: Can't collapse groups in Surfer style
* Fixed: Can't hide popular topics links which contain unescaped query strings
* Fixed: When subscribed to two copies of the same synchronized feed, unsubscribing from one removes both of them (114027)
* Fixed: Favicons don't appear in newspaper due to invalid/missing "Content Type" registry setting
* Fixed: Large images cut off in Surfer newspaper (114204)
* Fixed: Images overlap in "Popular Topics"

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