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Feed Demon Beta

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* Added: NewsGator Online's root "My Clippings" folder is now synchronized with FeedDemon. Note: right now sharing/unsharing the root "My Clippings" folder will affect all clippings folders, but this limitation will be resolved before the final release.
* Added: Prefetch now optionally includes clippings
* Added: Cleanup wizard reminder added to subscriptions home (includes link to skip cleanup and remind again in 30 days)

* Changed: Page controls once again moved to the status bar (this time to the far right)

* Fixed: Beep when following external link in post
* Fixed: Subscription wizard displays on primary monitor even when main form is on secondary monitor
* Fixed: Group header on watches/news bins overview is too small
* Fixed: Confirmation dialogs have non-localizable caption
* Fixed: Page header overlaps titles when using keyboard to navigate newspaper
* Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar missing from subscription changes dialog (115674)
* Fixed: Can't focus newspaper item using mouse
* Fixed: Inline search fails if first match hidden from view
* Fixed: Hitting ENTER when an item is selected in the newspaper won't show that item when viewing full posts in surfer style

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