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MediaInfo 0.7.58

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MediaInfo 0.7.58  Изменения регистрации

- Ukrainian translation updated
- AC-3: Little Endian streams support
- LXF: AVC streams support
- ISM: better support
- File referencing other files (HLS, ISM...): menu in case there is more than 1 stream per referenced file
- MPEG-TS: option for keeping streams detected at the beginning then disabled in a an update of the PMT (activated by default)
- MPEG-PS: program_map_section support for uncommon streams embedded in MPEG-PS
- Referenced files (MXF, HLS, MOV, P2, XDCAM...): issues with source name, track order, files size
- MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: regression, some files with AC-3/DTS/DVD subtitles were not well analyzed anymore
- MPEG-4 channel mapping: Lt and Rt (matrix-encoded) channel mapping were missing
- GXF: handling of buggy files having non-PCM AES3 codec identifier but actually having PCM
- MPEG-4: better support of MPEG-4 files having corrupted metadata atom
- 3529510, EIA/CEA-708: was not detected if the stream was not present at the beginning, thanks to Pete Chapman

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