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MediaInfo 0.7.59

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MediaInfo 0.7.59  Изменения регистрации

- License: Switched back to LGPLv2+Exceptions
- PCX support
- PSD support
- Matroska: ALAC detection
- OGG/MKV: Opus speech format support
- AVI: detecting more inconsistencies in stream durations
- GXF: crash with Time code tracks without frame rate info
- MPEG-4: stream order (hidden by default), in order to provide the same numbers as mkvtoolnix 5.2+ Track ID
- QuickTime: default channel map is "L R" for stereo streams (as it seems to be in QuickTime player)
- MPEG-4: support of WMA (version 1, version 2, Pro, Lossless) in MPEG-4
- FLV: handling of metadata with an underscore before the real metadata name
- MXF: support of files with header missing TrackNumber in the descriptor (if it is present only in footer)
- MXF: Language from DMS-1
- ProRes: analysis of the ProRes raw stream (including scan order for interlaced content)
- colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients: canonicalization of results
- MPEG-4 Visual: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
- ProRes: colour_primaries, transfer_characteristics, matrix_coefficients
- GIF: Display Aspect Ratio
- different behavior depending of compilation options (so Linux version was missing some info)
- MPEG-4: audio/video delay was wrong in case of negative delay
- CEA-608: Memory leaks removed
- AVC: crash in case of analyzing some invalid SEI
- MPEG Audio: crash with some files having Lyrics 2 tags
- MPEG Audio: crash with some files having APE tags
- AVI: secondary genre comes after primary genres in the "Genre" field
- FLV: better handling of files containing more than 1 meta chunk
- MPEG-TS/MPEG-PS: was aborting during full parsing in the case of very damaged streams
- Vorbis: infinite loop if codebook_entries>=256
- Id3v2: crash with some unsynchronized frames, especially with UTF-16 comments
- Id3v2: Wrong mime type of covers
- MPEG-PS: crash in case of language info in descriptors
- Java binding: crash with MediaInfo::Inform() (Windows 32-bit only)
- MPEG-TS: false-positive in case of some MPEG-4 files with wrong extension
- FLV: crash in some specific cases (malformed files)
- MVC: Scan type was wrong with MVC-only (without the underlying AVC stream) stream
- MPLS: stream duration was wrong with standalone (without the referenced M2TS) files
- MPLS: incoherent behavior with MPLS having more than one PlayListItem
- MPEG-TS: crash with some corrupted streams
- MOV: all EIA/CEA-608 captions were not well detected
- Matroska: Trying to better detect VFR streams, frame rate was wrong in case of interlaced content

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