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Opera 10.62

11,667 Загрузка

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User interface


  • Selection jumps while backspacing in a rich text editor
  • Opera closing when searching on
  • Not being able to click or select links or text
  • Opera freezing when leaving a canvas, audio, or JavaScript game
  • A missing plug-in dialog might cause Opera to close
  • Bodyless documents causing Opera to close in accessibility mode
  • Opera closing when downloading files in the link panel
  • Loading of streaming plug-ins in Opera Turbo

Display and scripting


  • More MIME file types and suffixes for compressed tar files


  • Fallback not displaying for Java types when plug-ins are disabled
  • Items disappearing from the cache

Mail, news, chat


  • FastMail domains and to the email auto-configuration


  • Missing images in feed preview (media rss)



  • Fixed an issue where malicious DLL files could be unintentionally loaded and allowed to run arbitrary code; see our advisory.

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