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Opera 9.10 Beta (Build 8649)

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Opera 9.10 Beta (Build 8649)  Изменения регистрации

- Fraud protection is not enabled by default anymore. We basically had to turn it on by default in the first weeklies to make sure we got as much feedback as possible in the limited time we had. However, it's a new feature and we think users may need some t
- Fixed bug where "Go to URL" feature deselects last one or two characters of a URL
- Fixed bug where newsfeed count did not updated in Mail panel status bar
- Fixed bug where didn't always finish loadingFixed bug where accesskeys didn't work right on frame pages
- Fixed bug where Gzipped pages was not decoded when loaded from cache
- Added preference to disable trust button in address bar opera:config#SecurityPrefs|EnableTrustButton
- Fixed Finnish translation

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