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Rainlendar 2.5 Beta 81

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Rainlendar 2.5 Beta 81  Изменения регистрации

o Added support for RECURRENCE-ID property. The exceptions are now visible but it's not possible to edit such events.
o When creating a new task by right clicking over the to do list the current header (category, due time, ...) is set automatically for the new task.
o Categories are not translated automatically to English when saved to the calendar (unless you enable the "Store English category names" from the advanced settings).
o Deleting the last item from an online calendar works now but only if it's the only one being deleted. If you want to clear a calendar disable the offline copy first.
o The offline copy didn't work with RTM calendar if the network wasn't available on startup. Fixed.
o Added advanced option to play the alarm sound in loop.
o Added Rainlendar_PlaySound and Rainlendar_StopSound to the Lua API.
o It's now possible to limit the number of days the to do list shows (defined in advanced options).
o The alarm list's menu includes now the status selection for the tasks.

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