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Rainlendar 2.7 Beta 88

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Rainlendar 2.7 Beta 88  Изменения регистрации

- Added location, categories, priority and url support for the quick add.
- Dismissing Google calendar's event from Rainlendar didn't work. Fixed.
- RTM authentication got broken in the previous build. It should work now again.
- Links and keywords didn't work in the schedule. Fixed.
- Added possibility to define the width and height of the week days rows & week nums columns in the calendar.
- Added possibility to show the event text inside the calendar too. The month view in Shadow4 skin shows this.
- The schedule items can now show the start/end time, location and calendar.
- The skins can be deleted from the context menu in the advanced skin options.
- QuickAdd could create tasks to a calendar which didn't support them. Fixed.
- Made autoscroll optional in the schedule views.
- Right mouse button actions didn't work for the list item buttons (e.g. in alarm). Fixed.
- Duplicating a calendar didn't save its settings. Fixed.
- If "Support Mozilla alarms" is enabled Rainlendar now also updates the X-MOZ-LASTACK property when the alarm is dismissed.

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