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RoboForm 2Go 7.6.7

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RoboForm 2Go 7.6.7  Изменения регистрации

  • Internet Explorer: support 64-bit mode, finally.
  • IE addons: improve presentation of RoboForm components.
  • AOL client: fix Badic Authentication handling.
  • Installer: fix Can not create Start Menu folder, error: Access Denied.
  • Installer: do not make its winodw always on top.
  • Win32 apps: fix RoboForm toolbar not appearing in some cases.
  • Editor: fix initial setting of focus.
  • Sync: Add AutoSync option. If Off then Sync is manual, by Sync button.
  • Add warning about AutoSync being turned off, appears after 1 day off.
  • Sync: make icons in sync results different from Analyze results.
  • Fix Firefox hangs if Highlight is clicked on toolbar and search box is empty.
  • Firefox: fix mouse wheel does not scroll RF Search List.
  • Chrome: fix RF addon can not be installed into non-default Chrome users.
  • Import: fix folder selection buttons do not work in import dialog.
  • UI: improve tables tookit drawing, to increase smoothness of UI.

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