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RoboForm 6.9.89

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RoboForm 6.9.89  Изменения регистрации

  • Add support for Firefox 3.0 RC1.
  • Fix Unload Portable in IE Protected Mode on Vista.
  • Fix Logoff on User Switch on Vista.
  • Fix 'RoboForm did not fill any form fields' message during Pro activation.
  • Fix decoding of some Japanese URLs.
  • Add warning about Skype IE Addon that causes problems in RF Pro activation and general browsing.
  • Fix RoboForm2Go disconnect from browser sequence, it could cause freezes.
  • Fix Matching Passcards mini-dialog takes focus when user mouses over it.
  • Fix error in mousing over identity protected by dual password.
  • When doing Copy Home, offer to overwrite or rename if such identity already exists.
  • Add Turkish localization.
  • Firefox: RF should not connect to Google sidebar.
  • Firefox: RF should not attach to Firefox Master Password dialog.

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