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uTorrent 3.0 Beta 25303

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uTorrent 3.0 Beta 25303  Изменения регистрации

- Change: torrents added by apps are now labelled with the apps name
- Fix: transfer cap bug which would always compare to download+upload
- Change: updated spinner animation when adding torrents in apps and loading resume state
- Change: Honor no-buffering properly in hash jobs
- Change: Allow double clicking incomplete files in files tab
- Change: Adding an optional hidden label. Any torrent given the hidden label won't be displayed anywhere but in the label sidebar entries. This includes not showing up in All.
- Fix: fixed issue when creating multifile torrents and starting them where the save directory would be incorrectly set
- Change: Add advanced setting gui.enable_comments to disable sending or receiving comments.
- Change: ratings_enable to gui.enable_ratings.

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