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uTorrent 3.2 Beta 27097

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uTorrent 3.2 Beta 27097  Изменения регистрации

- Fix: Fixes to parsing the following filetypes: MKV, AVI, mp3
- Fix: Update AV license key and add UI to handle virus definition update fail
- Change: update MIME type for *.mp4, *.m4a
- Fix: Recognize jpeg extension
- Fix: Fix uTP delay graph
- Feature: Magnet link preload in "Add torrent" dialog
- Change: Report utorrent version on port 10000 (webui)
- Fix: UI fix to built in player bottom bar
- Fix: Picking "Show In Folder" on a transcoded torrent now works.
- Fix: Add torrent window now remembers its location.
- Fix: paths would be wrong with magnet links in Add Torrent dialog
- Fix: several crashes
- Feature: add What's New app
- Feature: add device unpairing dialog to settings

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