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WinPatrol 9.0

12,638 Загрузка

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WinPatrol 9.0  Изменения регистрации

  • The WinPatrol interface is now RESIZABLE( #1 requested enhancement)
  • PLUS members can search on ANY program( #1 most requested PLUS enhancement)
  • ADD programs to your Startup List( #2 most requested enhancement)
  • Scotty now monitors your Services(Windows NT, Win2000 & XP)
  • Multiple Select available to Remove or Disable Startup Programs.
  • Cookies are now removed from both the cookie folder and the Internet Temp folder.
  • Export and backup your WinPatrol your settings
  • Reports now integrated into a single all inclusive file.
  • Extra warning when turning on the "Alert me to all new cookies".
  • View Cookie Screen Resizable.
  • Extra useful information in the Status Bar
  • New Artwork

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