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Maxthon 1.0.0220

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Maxthon 1.0.0220  Изменения регистрации

  • Improved popup blocker. More accurate and effective.
  • Improved content Ad blocker. No more ugly blank space left.
  • Improved float Ad blocker.
  • Delete Button in Maxthon plugin option dialog.
  • New plugin command max_modelessDialog(security_id,url,option,attr,window).
  • New plugin command max_actSideBarItem(string name).
  • Full pop window resizeTo,resizeBy,moveTo,moveBy support.
  • Fixed a bug that cause some video chat room to hang.
  • Fixed a bug in Unicode version when saving config files.
  • Plugins marked as run on page load will run on frames too.
  • Fixed favorite sorting problem with Chinese names.
  • Fixed hidden favorite folder always show problem.
  • Other small fixes and changes.

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