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Maxthon 3.1.8 Build 1000

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Maxthon 3.1.8 Build 1000  Изменения регистрации

  • New Feature:+ Supported Shift + Right Click on a tab to open its menu once enabled " Right-click a tab to close it".


  • Improved the page compatibility of Webkit Core.


[Main Frame]

  • No response when pressed ALT+CTRL+ESC.
  • After clicked "Restore Defaults" in "Page Setting" of Options, the path of "Default Save Location" would disappear. 
  • One problem of locking tabs.
  • Focus problem when resized Side Bar.

[Webkit Core]

  • Download window popuped when dragged some images in some pages.
  • No "Copy" option in right-click menu when selected some text in pages.

[User Interface]

  • Problem of the enabling "Show Close Tab button on background tabs".
  • Scrolling bar appeared if one URL was too long in Source Sniffer.
  • The setting of Customize UI did not work for new windows.

[Smart Address Bar]

  • Opening a page from Address Bar always activated a new tab.

[Magic Fill]

  • Focus problem when chose to fill in the Magic Fill in its drop-down list.

[Thunder Downloader Module]

  • Language display problem when the first time used Maxthon Thunder Downloader in English OS.
  • Thunder Downloader Module might crash when closed Maxthon browser.

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