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Google Chrome 15.0.874.81 (Beta)

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Google Chrome 15.0.874.81 (Beta)  Изменения регистрации


  • Updated V8 -
  • Match main window notification subscription/unsubscription in BookmarkBarController
  • Fixed a deadlock induced by this pref being set in response to bookmark sync events (97955)
  • Enable floating bookmarks bar for NTP4 for M15 beta branch (98572)


  • Prevent a rendering error on Windows where content behind Chrome may render in front of the Chrome window  (97808)
  • Added heuristic for fixing the alpha channel when reading clipboard images on Windows (97160)


  • Fixed bug where dragging bookmark-lets containing mixed character escape sequences (89394, 86643, 82283)
  • Fixed bug where previously minimized windows will re-minimize (97238)

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