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Google Chrome Beta

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Google Chrome Beta  Изменения регистрации

* [r27300] Remove "Remove Item" from download item context menu. (Issue: 23078)
* [r26976] Omnibox now understands Zeroconf .local hosts. (Issue: 19957)
* [r27445] Native Client is now built into the renderer but disabled by default. For info on how to enable please see this page.

# Extensions

* [r27599] Extensions menu item now in 'wrench' menu. (Issue 22883)
* [r27319] Introduce Browser Actions. (Issue 22099 and others) (still a work in progress)
* [r27163] Implemented extension packing on Linux.
* [r27290] Toolstrip dragging now restricted to extension shelf.
* [r27262] Themes and extensions now install if you have "ask for destination" option set in download options.
* [r27376] Content scripts can now see their own functions in setTimeout.
* [r27440] Fix crash when using non-extension iframe.
* [r27393] Some initial i18n API (still a work in progress). (Issue: 12131)

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