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Google Chrome 6.0.458.1 Beta

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Google Chrome 6.0.458.1 Beta  Изменения регистрации

- InfoBar should not be shown when the user first submits a form
. (Issue: 47426)
- AutoFill should continuously update profile data as the user submits forms with new data
AutoFill: Aggregate profile data. Remove the AutoFill InfoBar. Remove more remnants of shipping address and CVV. (Issue: 47423)
- When editing a field in a previously auto-filled form, only display unique suggestions
AutoFill: Remove duplicate suggestions when providing suggestions for a field (Issue: 47436)
- Enabling sync freezes Chromium
Remove NIGORI from the sync routing info. (Issue: 47766)
- Chrome unable to start if other FFmpeg DLLs are present on the system (Issue: 35857)

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