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Google Chrome Beta

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Google Chrome Beta  Изменения регистрации

Version Changes:

WebKit 530.9

Visible changes:

* [r14827] Support PgUp/PgDn in Omnibox for "first entry/last entry." (Issue: 6857)
* [r15115] Tell the user if Chrome is not the default browser. (Issue: 9049)
* [r15702] You can choose to allow pop-ups from a site. (Issue: 11440)

Other changes of note:

* [r14891] Fix for crashing when zoomed into street level on (Issue: 2044)
* [r14731] Patch from Mohamed Mansour for systems without an installed printer. (Issue: 6835)
* [r15020] Stop the location bar from flashing white when navigating from one HTTPS site to another. (Issue: 11157)
* [r15214] Fix for common issues around opening a new window. (Issues: 6377, 6192, 835)
* Lots of work around Extensions. (See r15417, r15271, r15310)

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