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Notepad++ 2.6

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Notepad++ 2.6  Изменения регистрации

  • Add the File Associations Manager.
  • A bug of User Define Language panel is fixed : After creating a new language and restarting Notepad++, all font foreground colors change to white.
  • Increse the capacity of User Define Language keyword list : from 1024 bytes to 4096 bytes.
  • Behaviour issue : fixed the problem that the folded document is unfolded while switching back.
  • A fixed bug : the position of document is entirely memoried while swiching among the document.
  • New feature for User Language Define System : the comment and comment line symbols can be recognized even the followed character is not a white space (optional to user).
  • The behaviour of functionality "Fold all" fixed : From now on, not only the folders, bot also all the sub-folders are collapsed when this command is executed.
  • Add features : user can collapse/uncollapse the current level (the caret current position).
  • Add features : user can collapse/uncollapse whichever folder level (1-8) he/she wants in the whole document.
  • Add Underline check box in User Define Language Panel.
  • Add Prefix feature (optional) for each keyword in User Define Language.
  • Add a feature that treating the comment tokens as symbols (allow no white space) is optional in User Define Language.
  • Add a feature that the case sensitive is an option in User Define Language.
  • Add full screen toggle feature (F11).
  • A fixed bug : Infinite search when counting (or marking) words backwards.
  • A fixed bug : Replce all.
  • Add the UI limit of language name for User Define Language Panel.

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