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Notepad++ 4.1

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Notepad++ 4.1  Изменения регистрации

  • Fix the crash issue while saving settings on quit.
  • 2. Fix the crash issue while using the command line with one launched Notepad++ instance.
  • Enhance Find in files feature :
    • Improve Find in files user interface (more intuitive).
    • The search result (also for find in all opened files) is docked on the bottom of Notepad++.
    • Recursive search is optional.
    • Search result is collapsable by file.
    • User defined keywords for search result.
  • Add tabbing interface in Find dialog : Find/Replace/Find in files
  • Add clickable URL http link feature (double click to trigger).
  • Add cmake language support.
  • Add mark all without launching Find dialog (Ctrl+M).
  • Fix the ROFL (Recent Opened File List) bug : try to open a non-existing file from ROFL, the full file path doesn't be removed from ROFL.
  • Enhance the backup feature : in verbose mode, the file will be backed up in .\nppBackup directory.
  • Update Scintilla component to v1.73

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