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Total Commander 7.50 beta 3

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14.05.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 3
14.05.09 Fixed: Internal associations lost their icons when changing colors in the program
14.05.09 Fixed: Hotkeys in groupboxes not working when Unicode (e.g. in multi-rename tool)
14.05.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop with SingleClickStart=1: Cursor could jump to other file when window is scrolled, so the wrong file would be dragged if nothing was selected
14.05.09 Fixed: Vista only: Drive dropdown comboboxes reverted to drive C: after switching away from TC and back
13.05.09 Fixed: Drive combobox: Highlighted item not shown initially (Vista only)
13.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Deleting files from RAR archive failed
13.05.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar dropdown list: Shorten very long names with ellipsis "..." (NT-based Windows versions only)
13.05.09 Fixed: Drive combobox: Width wasn't adjusted to uppercase drive letters yet
13.05.09 Fixed: Drive combobox: Color border around drive on systems before Vista when background color differs from system-default window background
13.05.09 Fixed: Ctrl+V in command line pasted the text twice
12.05.09 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Enter key didn't work with the buttons +, - and Pause
12.05.09 Fixed: Search dialog: Increased default width by a few pixels
12.05.09 Fixed: Lister, Hex/Binary mode, Windows 98: Special characters like line breaks not replaced by dots if their width was invalid or 0 when using custom encoding
12.05.09 Fixed: Lister, Hex/Binary mode, Windows 98: Selection not working with different codepage when Uniscribe disabled
12.05.09 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] KeepMasterPassword= Allow to keep master password when: 1: program is minimized 2: screen saver starts 3: both
12.05.09 Added: Allow to limit width of breadcrumb dropdown list: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BreadCrumbMaxWidth= sets max. width in pixels (minimum: 100)
12.05.09 Added: Internal associations: Allow to sort verbs via up/down scrollbar buttons or Shift+cursor keys
12.05.09 Added: FTP connect dialog: Allow to rename/move folders via "Edit" button
12.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Still couldn't collapse certain Chinese folders
12.05.09 Fixed: View files with cm_SrcQuickInternalOnly to avoid loading plugins, view RTF file -> after that, Quick View begins to load plugins!
11.05.09 Fixed: Quick search (letters with search dialog): Ctrl+Alt+S was interpreted like Ctrl+S, so language-specific letters couldn't be entered with RightAlt+s
11.05.09 Fixed: Quick search (letters with search dialog) and quick filter: Problems entering Polish characters with RightAlt+Letters, e.g. RightAlt+e
11.05.09 Fixed: FTP details dialog: When user tries to enter master password but cancels the dialog or fails, enable the checkbox "Encrypt with master password" so the user can enter a new password
10.05.09 Added: Always use Unicode controls on NT-based systems, don't use suffix .UnicodeControl any more
10.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with archive(s), show "unpacking" behind normal progress (otherwise the normal progress is mostly not visible for small files)
10.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect, press Cancel when asked for password -> do no ask user to reconnect
10.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Drag&Drop not working correctly when items in subfolder start with a space (from previous TC versions)
10.05.09 Fixed: File system plugin interface, same plugin open on both sides (different subdirs), copy file which exists on both sides, overwrite -> access violation if plugin doesn't support Unicode
10.05.09 Fixed: Secure ftp (ftps) connection, no wincmd.pem file -> lock icon wasn't shown correctly when cert cannot be verified
10.05.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar, BreadcrumbDelayButton10.05.09 Added: Allow to abort opening of breadcrumb virtual folder (like in Network Neighborhood) - unfortunately the Windows error message cannot be suppressed
08.05.09 Added: Allow to abort opening of breadcrumb subdir if no response for 2 seconds (via button)
08.05.09 Fixed: Icons per file (e.g. .exe, .bmp) not always shown, e.g. when last access time changed when image extracted
08.05.09 Fixed: Background icon thread: Move SHGetFileInfo out of critical section to make reading from network drives faster with option to get icons from EXE/LNK files
08.05.09 Fixed: Read dir abort dialog could stall for 10 seconds or more when moved over the file list so an icon has to be re-drawn
08.05.09 Fixed: Aborting from reading a hanging network connection could sometimes cause an access violation
08.05.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Adjust vertical scrollbar width to system width (SM_CXVSCROLL)
08.05.09 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree: Quick search didn't match exact name when search string started with '*', e.g. *test didn't find folder "test"
08.05.09 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs (started via /S=S switch): Options like the ignore list or the theming options were not loaded
08.05.09 Fixed: Vista: Show correct icon for files even if there is a UserChoice registry key pointing to nowhere
06.05.09 Fixed: Increased width of speed limit field in background transfer manager by 1 digit
06.05.09 Fixed: More places with uppercase drive letter support: Calculate occupied space, most file operation dialogs like F5 copy, system info, set volume label
06.05.09 Fixed: Lister: Selection incorrect when scrolling horizontally while selecting text, especially when moving the cursor up/down some lines
06.05.09 Fixed: External viewer (default hotkey Alt+F3) didn't work on the Desktop
06.05.09 Fixed: Internal associations shifted by one if an association pointed to a non-existing search filter
06.05.09 Fixed: Ignore click on button which opened a popup menu (don't immediately re-open it) in button bar, bar change dialogs, change attributes, custom columns dialog, and main configuration dialog
05.05.09 Fixed: Error unpacking RAR file from Unix with Alt+F9 (unpack specific files) when archive contained folders
05.05.09 Fixed: TreeUpdateLimit option: Check tree file size before actually opening the file (via FindFirst)
05.05.09 Fixed: (forgotten from TC 7.0) Drive panel: When a drive was chosen which was hidden with DriveBarHide= option, the previous drive remained selected
05.05.09 Fixed: Couldn't type Russian big letter 'L' (Shift+K on English keyboard with Russian locale settings) in command line
05.05.09 Fixed: Quick search with search dialog didn't accept multiple double byte characters on Chinese Windows (reason: EM_GETSEL must be called via SendMessageW)
03.05.09 Added: Vista 64bit: Show pseudo-subdirectory "sysnative" in Windows folder to allow to reach 64-bit system32 directory
03.05.09 Fixed: Edit comment (Ctrl+Z): Changed length warn limit from 512 to 511 characters (limit of 4dos/4nt)
03.05.09 Fixed: Vista, drive dropdown list: Draw closed dropdown list in color "COLOR_WINDOW", not the color set for the file list
03.05.09 Fixed: Reduce flickering when resizing drive panel (only when themed) and folder tabs
03.05.09 Fixed: Folder tabs: Reduce flickering when changing dirs with multiple tab lines
03.05.09 Fixed: cm_Copy*PathToClip functions didn't correctly convert drive letter to lower-/uppercase
03.05.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: UTF-8 check was only made with first server in list
03.05.09 Fixed: FTP: Send CLNT command only when server either doesn't support FEAT command, or FEAT reports to support CLNT
03.05.09 Fixed: Edit current path while in virtual folder, press ENTER -> do not try to access a remote server with that name
03.05.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, save settings: Leading and trailing spaces in search+replace were not saved
03.05.09 Fixed: cm_editpath changed the path in the wrong panel when cursor was in a separate tree (only when invoked via hotkey!)
03.05.09 Fixed: cm_DirTabsShowMenu showed the menu at the current mouse cursor position instead of just below the tabs
01.05.09 Fixed: Windows classic theme: Incorrect pixel remain when moving separator of sorted header (e.g. date header when sorted by date)
01.05.09 Fixed: Access violation when plugin detect string ended with space(s)

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